What is the Model United Nations (MUN)?


     Model United Nations (“MUN”) propels scholastic research into a simulated UN conference setting to promote debate and negotiation in a collaborative effort to explore and ultimately discover solutions to global issues currently challenging the world community in general, and the UN system in particular. MUN expands the in-classroom educational experience by blending textbook knowledge with real world problem solving. Model United Nations is truly an interdisciplinary program, evoking the political reality while utilizing the skills associated with economics, geography, anthropology, sociology, psychology, law, political science, health science, urban planning, and a myriad of other academic and professional disciplines. Through the MUN program, today’s scholastic elite gain experience functioning as global diplomats in an ever-changing world. In short, the MUN is all producing an engaged, aware, and ethical global citizenry by promoting skills needed to be global citizens.




















How do CSULB MUN students participate at MUN conferences? 



     The Model UN club and class are fully integrated into Political Science 378, “Politics and Practice of the UN.” The course is open to students from all majors and all members of the CSULB University community. CSULB MUN trains and sponsors student delegations to represent the policies of their assigned country in a simulated session of one of the United Nations’ committees. The CSU Long Beach MUN sends delegations to a year-round program of Model UN conferences around the world, including: the MUN of the Far West Conference in San Francisco, the Harvard National MUN Conference, the McGill University “McMUN” Model United Nations Conference, and the Bonn International Model United Nations Conference.



Why Should I Participate in MUN? 


You should participate in Model U.N. because it promotes student

and teacher interest in international relations and related subjects,

increases the capacity for students to engage in problem solving,

teaches aspects of conflict resolution, research skills, communication

skills,and creates the opportunity to meet new people.




What are the benefits of MUN?


 For over 50 years now, students have benefited from and enjoyed

this interactive learning experience. It not only involves students in

the study and discussion of global issues, but also encourages the development of skills useful

throughout their lives, such as research, writing, public speaking, problem solving, consensus building, conflict resolution and compromise and cooperation.


How can you help?


     A portion of the CSULB Model United Nations Program is supported by CSU Long Beach Instructionally-related Activity (IRA) Funds. However, as the number of students involved in the MUN Program has grown, so too, have the costs incurred to provide a full MUN experience. Outside donations are gratefully accepted and may present tax advantages to the donors. But in a larger sense, a donation to the MUN is a way for people to contribute to the next generation’s world leaders who are being trained today in the knowledge and skills those leaders are going to use to solve tomorrow’s problems. Checks may be sent to:


CSULB Foundation, payable to the “Model UN Program at CSULB”

California State University, Long Beach, CA 90840


Thanks for your support!